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How do I export or backup a Microsoft Teams team configuration using PowerShell?


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Teams administration
  • Familiarity with PowerShell scripting
  • Access to Microsoft Teams admin center

Why Exporting Team Configurations Matters

Managing a Microsoft Teams environment means juggling channels, tabs, settings, and sometimes complex configurations. Having an exportable backup is essential for several real-world scenarios:

  • Accidental Changes: Protect your team’s setup from unintended configuration changes that can disrupt workflows.
  • Migration Scenarios: If you’re moving a team to a new tenant or upgrading, a backup will ensure a smooth transition.
  • Troubleshooting Aid: Team configurations can help diagnose issues if settings get changed without clear reason.

Exporting a Teams Configuration with PowerShell

Let’s walk through the PowerShell process step-by-step:

1: Install the Teams Module:

Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams

2: Connect to Teams:


3: Export the Configuration:

Export-Team -DisplayName "Marketing Team" -Path "C:\Backups\TeamsConfig"
  • Replace “Marketing Team” with the actual name of your team.
  • Modify the path to your desired backup location.

What Gets Exported:

The exported files will contain details like:

  • Team settings (membership, guest access, etc.)
  • Channel names and configurations
  • Installed apps and their settings
  • Tabs and their configurations

Real-World Example

Imagine your organization is undergoing a Teams tenant migration. To ensure a painless transition of your “Project Alpha” team, you would:

  1. Export the “Project Alpha” team configuration.
  2. Create a new team named “Project Alpha” in the new tenant.
  3. Use the exported configuration as a reference to precisely replicate its settings in the new environment.

Additional Notes:

  • Consider automating this process with scheduled PowerShell scripts to take regular backups of key teams.
  • PowerShell offers more advanced options for filtering and customizing exports, explore the Export-Team cmdlet’s documentation for deeper customization.

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