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Add PowerShell & Command Prompt to Context Menu In Windows 10

PowerShell and Command Prompt both are very handy and useful tools for all the system administrators out there. Adding PowerShell and Command Prompt to the context menu makes a system administrator’s life so easier.

There many ways to add PowerShell and Command Prompt to Context Menu like registry modification but they are always not too good and easy to implement. I will show you the best and easier way to add both of these tools plus many other tools to the context menu.

Winaero Tweaker

To Add PowerShell & Command Prompt to Context Menu we are going to use a tool called Winaero Tweaker which you can download from the link below or you can visit their Website “https://winaero.com” and download the tool from there.

Download Link


Installing Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Setup Files

Double click on the SilentSetup file and it will install the Winaero Tweaker software silently and after a few seconds depending on your computer you will find the Winaero Tweaker icon on your desktop.

Winaero Icon
Winaero Icon


After that double click on the Winaero Tweaker icon on the desktop and the GUI of Winaero Tweaker will be in front of your window.

Configuring Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Sidebar
Winaero Sidebar


Winaero Tweaker is extremely useful software and it has too many utilities and tweaks but today we are only focused on the tweaks related to the Context menu so click on the Context menu from the left sidebar.

Winaero Sidebar Context Menu
Winaero Sidebar Context Menu


After expanding the Context Menu you will find a lot of things which we can add to the Context menu but here we are only looking for Command Prompt and Powershell.

Adding PowerShell and Command Prompt to Context Menu

From the Context Menu choose Command Prompt and PowerShell one by one and click on the Add Checkbox for both of them and click on the Apply Button right below the Add Checkbox. In some cases it might ask you Log Out and Log Back In again or it might even ask to restart the computer.

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Add PowerShell To Context Menu
Add PowerShell To Context Menu
Add Command Prompt To Context Menu
Add Command Prompt To Context Menu

Here is how my Context menu looks like after using the Winaero Tweaker.

My Context Menu
My Context Menu

That’s all for now you can look into other utilities and tweaks offered by Winaero Tweaker and write me if you stuck anywhere or if you have any questions.

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